Smartpunk's Record Club 2024

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Welcome to the first annual Smartpunk's Record Club! Here you'll find a chance to get every label release and reissue in 2024 for one low price. We'll be shipping out records quarterly (as soon as that quarter's records come in!), so some records you'll get early, some you'll get late. Good news: all will be on the most limited variant produced. We're aiming to have a minimum of 3 records per quarter, with some likely upwards of 5 or 6. Holy cow!

Here's a few titles we're working on that you'll get in your subscription:

Q1 Releases:
Reconciler - Art For Our Sake
Mest - Destination Unknown
Sparrow Sleeps - Take This To Your Crib
Hungover - When It Touches the Heart, Everything Resolves
******** *** **** **** - **** ** ***** *****

Additionally, you'll get an exclusive Smartpunk's Record Club shirt, other merch throughout the year, and some fun little items that only the Record Club will receive. Think of it as a cool little biker gang with less cool tattoos.

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