Sincere Engineer - Cheap Grills

Sincere Engineer - Cheap Grills

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Chicago-based indie punk artist, Sincere Engineer, started as a solo acoustic punk act playing dive bars and open mics. Singer, Deanna Belos, decided to forego dental school for punk music, trading in teeth for corn dogs (as referenced in her fan favorite song "Corn Dog Sonnet No. 7"), and touring the world with bands like Hot Mulligan, Alkaline Trio, The Menzingers, and Joyce Manor. In 2020, she released, Bless My Psyche, her sophomore album and debut album on independent powerhouse Hopeless Records. Featuring the Sirius XM Faction hit "Trust Me," the album explored themes of insecurity, failure, and coming of age and was built for gut wrenching sing-a-longs. With the upcoming, Cheap Grills, Sincere Engineer takes a massive leap forward with catchy melodies, witty and sharp lyrics, and the sincerity of a person that wants to do the right thing in a world that doesn't always reward that.

Light Blue Vinyl

1 Anemia
2 California King
3 Old Coat Pocket
4 Landline
5 Fireplace
6 Code Orange
7 Inside My Head
8 Library of Broken Bindings
9 Scratched
10 A Touch of Hell
11 Cinderblocks
12 Blind Robin

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