Lagwagon - Double Plaidinum


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A1 Alien 8
A2 Making Friends
A3 Unfurnished
A4 One Thing To Live
A5 Today
A6 Confession
A7 Bad Scene
B8 Smile
B9 Twenty Seven
B10 Choke
B11 Failure
B12 To All My Friends
B13 Goodbye
B14 Brodeo
B15 Raise A Family
B16 Restrain
B17 No One Like You
B18 Freedom Of Choice
B19 Twenty Seven (Original Mix)
B20 Alien 8 (Acoustic Version)
B21 Making Friends (Acoustic Version)
B22 Brodeo (Acoustic Version)
B23 Goodbye (Acoustic Version)
B24 To All My Friends (Acoustic Version)