Disgust - A World Of No Beauty + Thrown Into Oblivion


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 World Of No Beauty
A1 Intro 0:55
A2 The Result Of War 2:54
A3 Remember 2:42
A4 Eden 2:05
A5 The Last Embrace 3:02
A6 A Mothers Bleeding Heart 3:08
B7 Can Your Eyes See 2:51
B8 Just Another War Crime 2:51
B9 Evil Trade 3:36
B10 Blood Soaked Soil 2:53
B11 The Wounds Are Never Healed 3:42
C12 Hymn For A Dying Planet 21:01
Thrown Into Oblivion
D13 Thrown Into Oblivion
D14 Relentless Slaughter
D15 What Kind Of Mind
D16 You Have No Right
D17 The Light Of Death
D18 Anguished Cry
D19 Life Erased
D20 Outro