M.A.G.S. - Destroyer (CD Only)
M.A.G.S. - Destroyer (CD Only)

M.A.G.S. - Destroyer (CD Only)

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Destroyer, the Smartpunk debut by M.A.G.S., opens with a title track that melds post-punk and Carole King-like melodies, immersing listeners in a world of emotional upheaval and self-realization. Other notable songs include the introspective "Sins" and the gritty "Elephant".

As the album progresses through a diverse array of emotions and genres, it concludes on a hopeful note with "Supermoon", providing a broader perspective on life's trials and tribulations. According to M.A.G.S., the album underscores the theme of self-destruction for growth. Destroyer promises an epic journey in terms of both lyrical and musical dimensions, taking listeners into an alternate realm.

1. Destroyer
2. Sins
3. Elephant
4. Swimming
5. Wednesday
6. Her
7. Floyd
8. Red Sky
9. Supermoon

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