Say Anything - … Is Committed | Smartpunk Exclusive
Say Anything - … Is Committed | Smartpunk Exclusive

Say Anything - … Is Committed | Smartpunk Exclusive

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...Is Committed represents both a return to form and a mid-career left turn. Bemis still traffics in exaggeration and Jewish humor, but the hyperbole has been tempered by the blows of reality. This is no longer the angst of post-adolescence, but the grim phantasms of adulthood. Coming full circle in a sense, Bemis says these are the most autobiographical songs that he’s written since high school. 

As with any Say Anything record, the songs are rollicking and self-referential, jampacked with meta-references and in-jokes. Before “lore” became a Gen Z cliché, Bemis was employing it was still called “world-building.” The opener “BE, CHILDREN (INTRODUCTION TO THE REUNION RECORD)” starts off with what might as well be a mission statement:  “to the self-indulgent/indulge yourself with me.” It’s partially a satire of a reunion song, but filled with a jarring and uncomfortable honesty that belies the tongue-in-cheek humor. It also rocks hard. Bemis did not bring Say Anything back to make an Iron & Wine record.

Bleach vinyl limited to 300 and hand-numbered with these two grubby fists!

1. Be, Children (Introduction to the reunion record)
2. On Cum
3. Auto-Harmonic Ass Fixation
4. I, Vibrator
5. Psyche!
6. We Say Grace in this goddamn band, Mister
7. Carrie & Lowell & Cody (Pendent)
8. Are You (In) There?
9. Say Anything, Collectively, Made Love to Your God
10. Daisy's
11. Woman Song
12. Fan Fiction


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