The Ergs! ‎- Hindsight Is 20/20, My Friend


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Introducing Morrissey
Hey Jealousy
Jazz Is Like The New Coke
Out There
Every Romance Language
It's Like I Say, Y'Know
Books About Miles Davis
Only Babies Cry
I'm In Trouble
It's OK To Hate Me
Linus & Lucy
Throttle Boy
You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against The Steinways
More Vocal In The Monitor
Not A Second Time
Country Skronk
Warm And Sharp
Out On The Interstate
Sneak Attack aka The Ergs Heartily Endorse Your High School Killing Spree
Million Perfect Dub
Saturday Night Crap-O-Rama
If You Don't
Feeling Minneapolis
Bought A Copy
1000 Letters
Honolulu Hornrims
Nasty Ho
Steering Clear In The New Year
August 19th
Steven A. Hinkcley Has The Following Items: A) DEVO Energy Dome, 2) Devo Radiation Suit, C) Devo New Traditionalist Pomp