Taking Back Sunday - Artist’s Picks EP
Taking Back Sunday - Artist’s Picks EP

Taking Back Sunday - Artist’s Picks EP

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Celebrating 20 Years of Taking Back Sunday, Artists' Picks, is a companion piece to the greatest hits collection, TwentyThis limited edition Orange 10" features band favorites/picks from Taking Back Sunday's discography. One-time exclusive pressing of 1,000 pieces. A small batch have been made available to Smartpunk, the only place you can get the “Artist’s Picks EP” on its own! 

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Side A

1. Death Wolf - Mark’s Pick

2. All The Way - Adam’s Pick

 Side B

1. Fences - John’s Pick

2. It Takes More - Shaun’s Pick

 Death Wolf - Mark's Pick

I think it's one of the fastest, most exciting and punk songs we have. I would love for more of our fans to hear it and know that Taking Back Sunday has no limits to what style or genre of music we could play and still sound like us. - Mark O'Connell 

 All The Way - Adam's Pick

All The Way is a very special song for me. I remember us spending hours trying to get the arrangement just right. The first time I was ever in a studio years ago was with Mike Sapone playing bass for Taking Back Sunday. I was so nervous and both him and the rest of the band helped make me feel at home. It’s where my love of that environment started, right there at Sapone’s. I feel that this song highlights a great part of how talented Mike is as a producer, along with a break from what one would typically expect from Taking Back Sunday. - Adam Lazzara

 Fences - John's Pick

I really enjoy the Taking Back Sunday songs that go in a direction that's unusual for us. I don't think many of our songs have a similar sound and feel to Fences but it still is immediately recognizable as Taking Back Sunday. It started off as a pretty straight forward acoustic song and gradually changed into something that I think only this group of people could've made it into. The lyrics were written during the lead up to the 2016 election and I think they capture some of the fear and anxiety that was in air at the time. I like that we were able to do that in a sort of abstract way and not make it too overtly political. - John Nolan

 It Takes More - Shaun's Pick

John brought this song into the band and it immediately connected with me. The words and melodies hit a nerve and gave me chills. Adam’s emotion and conviction on vocals and Mark’s drumming choices sent the song out of the stratosphere. I feel like the song was a bit overlooked and I am thrilled we got the chance to showcase it here. - Shaun Cooper

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